In my fourth book, SKY SONG, a standalone adventure set up in the Arctic (coming out January 25th, 2018) I have invented various magical creatures, such as snargoyles and thunderghosts. To win a feather writing quill and a signed notepad, create your own magical creature that might be found in a snowy kingdom.


What does it look like? Where exactly does it live? What is it called?

Does it have a special power?


Draw a picture of your magical creature and write a few sentences about it.

Closing date for entries: 

10th January 2018


Entries can be emailed to abi@moontrug.com or posted to: 

Abi Elphinstone, Simon & Schuster, 1st Floor, 222 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8HB.



a feather writing quill and a signed notepad.

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Congratulations to the winner of the Fantasy Map Competition:

Helena Williams! Her map entry and accompanying description of 'Feekenfaren' world are included below. And a huge well done to the runners up: Daniel Amar, Ebony and Callum Holdstock from Fox Hill School, Meera Krishna, Mohammed Akber and Mahek Shah.


'I have created a fantasy world called Feekenfaren. There are 6 elves that live there and they are called Anne-Elfie, Kinton, Amulen, Caker, Thumbsie and Wrinkles. There are also two fairies who live up the fairy treehouse, Mimi and Klara. At Castle Ovoronitche, there lives a half dragon, half cat.


He tortures all the people who live in the village of Runtulburn - more commonly known as "the tortured village". Just outside the Oak forest, the oak forest gypsy camp sits. It is surrounded by magic. Further away is Wild sea bay which is famous for its 4 tiered houses on stilts. On the other side of the Elvenen forest is the village of Elvernia. There is a huge palace which has the healing fountain of rose quartz.'


Helena Williams (age 10)

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