In Everdark, an eleven-year-old girl called Smudge and an eccentric monkey called Bartholomew, set sail on an adventure in a magical boat.


To win a signed copy of Everdark, either draw or describe (or both!) a magical boat. Your boat can look like an ordinary boat (a yacht, a submarine, a speedboat, a cruise ship, an old pirate ship etc) or it can look totally different – the important thing is that your boat is FULL OF MAGIC. What powers it? If it has a sail, what is the sail made out of? What can it do when the moon comes out? What incredible gadgets does it have to face a storm out at sea?



Please send all entries to:


Miss Eve Wersocki Morris (FAO: Abi Elphinstone)

Simon and Schuster

1st Floor

222 Gray’s Inn Road




Closing date for entries: 31st May 2019


Good luck!

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