In JUNGLEDROP (the second adventure in THE UNMAPPED CHRONICLES, which comes out on 14th May 2020), I had a lot of fun inventing names for magical creatures, objects and places in my glow-in-the-dark rainforest. Among my favourites to name were:

- Total Shambles (he's a swiftwing - with an eagle head and a stallion body - but unlike the other swiftwings he is terribly unfit, hopeless at flying and very clumsy)

- the flickertug map (this is a deeply magical map that tugs you in the direction you need to go)

- Snaggletooth cave (a jungle cave that looks very much like a dragon head)



To win a signed copy of JUNGLEDROP, invent a name for a magical creature, a magical object and a magical place that you might find in an enchanted jungle... Write a sentence about each name you invent that describes what it is (and if you want you can accompany each one with an illustration).  


Please send all entries to:


Miss Eve Wersocki Morris (FAO: Abi Elphinstone)

Simon and Schuster

1st Floor

222 Gray’s Inn Road




Closing date for entries: 7th September 2020


Good luck!

firefly1 firefly2 firefly3 firefly3 firefly3 firefly3 combined-leaf-lettering-rev JUNGLEDROP cover final JUNGLEDROP cover final