In Rumblestar, Casper and Utterly encounter lots of objects that look ordinary at first glance but which turn out to be deeply magical - like the Neverlate tree which grows excuses and the just-in-case which conjures up valuable items for adventurers...


To win a signed copy of Rumblestar, pick an ordinary object then tweak it to make it magical. Perhaps you could have a pebble that conjures rain when thrown into a puddle? Or a pen that can only write the truth? Or an armchair that sends you through to a magical world when you sit in it? Write a brief description of your magical object and if you want you can accompany it with an illustration.  


Please send all entries to:


Miss Eve Wersocki Morris (FAO: Abi Elphinstone)

Simon and Schuster

1st Floor

222 Gray’s Inn Road




Closing date for entries: 31st January 2020


Good luck!

firefly1 firefly2 firefly3 firefly3 firefly3 firefly3 combined-leaf-lettering-rev RUMBLESTARnew Final Artwork