Inventing names for characters and places is one of my favourite parts of writing a book. And I find my names in very random places: I once pinched a surname for a character in THE DREAMSNATCHER from a shower gel in TK Maxx (Pecksniff); I stole the name for the magical kingdom in SKY SONG from a street sign in London (Erkenwald); I named a magical creature in JUNGLEDROP after an expression my old boss used to use to describe my work (‘Total Shambles!’). 

To win a signed & personalised copy of RUMBLESTAR, name a character or a place after a word (or words) you come across in your everyday life and write a few sentences saying why you’ve chosen this word (or words) for your character or place.

Look at street signs, names on gravestones, funny foods on restaurant menus, place names from old maps, brands of soap/shampoo/shower gel!

Please send entries to:

Miss Eve Wersocki Morris
(FAO: Abi Elphinstone)
Simon and Schuster
1st Floor
222 Gray’s Inn Road

Closing date for entries: