In each of THE UNMAPPED CHRONICLES books, I include a quirky animal or magical creature who accompanies my characters on their quests: a grumpy monkey called Bartholomew in EVERDARK, a miniature dragon called Arlo in RUMBLESTAR, a parrot who repeats what you think not what you say in JUNGLEDROP and a talking chameleon called Mrs Fickletint in THE CRACKLEDAWN DRAGON…

To win a signed & personalised copy of THE CRACKLEDAWN DRAGON, create a quirky animal or magical creature who might help your main character on their quest:

  • What type of animal or magical creature will you choose? (something magnificent like a hippogriff or something surprising like an earthworm?!)
  • What skills does this animal or creature have? (is it clever? funny? loyal? can it turn invisible?)
  • What is it called? (you can accompany your idea with an illustration if you’d like)

Please send entries to:

Miss Eve Wersocki Morris
(FAO: Abi Elphinstone)
Simon and Schuster
1st Floor
222 Gray’s Inn Road

Closing date for entries: