My latest book is a snowy adventure story called SAVING NEVERLAND which follows siblings Martha and Scruff Pennydrop who discover a drawer full of mysterious gold dust in the bedroom of their new house – along with a window that’s seemingly impossible to close. This is the start of an incredible adventure to a magical world: Neverland! The Pennydrop’s new house used to belong to another family – the Darlings – who once visited this world themselves. Now Peter Pan is back, and in need of their help. Neverland is in the icy grip of a terrible curse – cast long ago by Captain Hook. And only Martha and Scruff can save it . . .

To win a signed & personalised copy of SAVING NEVERLAND, draw a map of a magical island and name the places of interest there. Is it a tropical island with waterfalls, seaside caves, jungles and lagoons? Or maybe a snowy island surrounded by glaciers and killer whales? What is your enchanted island called? 


Please send entries to:

Miss Michelle Nathan
(FAO: Abi Elphinstone)
One Embassy Gardens, 8 Viaduct Gardens, London, SW11 7BW

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