Inventing Magical Beasts Workshops

The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour is heading to Edinburgh Zoo to round off a week of fantastic author events themed around the environment.

Award-winning author Abi Elphinstone will run interactive workshops for children and families attending the zoo on Saturday 2 October. Abi will help children invent magical beasts and creatures inspired by the wild animals all around them.

There will be a chance to meet Abi and have her sign your books – copies will also be available to purchase from the Edinburgh Zoo gift shop.

These workshops are free for anyone who has paid standard entry to Edinburgh Zoo on Saturday 2 October. No registration is required.

When: Saturday 2 October, 10am and 11.30am

Where: Bundongo Theatre, Edinburgh Zoo

Duration: Each workshop lasts 15 minutes

Who: Children and families

Cost: Standard entry fee to Edinburgh Zoo

Materials provided: Pens, paper, clipboards (for kids to lean their paper on), empty egg boxes, flip chart and pens for Abi to use. People can bring their own materials if they prefer.

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